We strive to be better!

We take stunning photos, shoot great videos and create stories which help sell your properties and build your brand.

We strive to be the impossible—highest quality + lowest price + fastest turnaround.

Our story

Mary took a break from work after becoming a mother in 2008 and got busy raising her four children. In the year 2020, she was looking to get back to work and scratch her creative itch in a way that serves the community.

Since Mary was always interested in photography, one of her friends looking to sell a property asked her to help. Mary took some photos and helped her friend sell the property within a week. Over the next few months, Mary helped a few more people in her network sell properties quickly. When Mary spoke to a few brokers and realtors in Greenville, she realized there was a gap in the market for professional real estate photographers who can offer quick turnaround. 

In January 2021, Mary decided to set up Better Listings to offer professional photography and videography services. Since then she has helped sell properties in record time. 

Mary has a passion not only for photography, but for empowering other females in similar positions to have an outlet and an opportunity for advancement. She is actively working to build a community of women who work together in a creative way to serve the real estate agents and sellers of upstate South Carolina.